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Best Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in an Electronic Signature

Different organizations are looking for a time where they can incorporate paperless transactions in their operations. The need to move operations electronically has led to the innovations of the electronic signature which is also referred to as a digital certificate. An electronic signature also abbreviated as e-signature and is allowed to be used in legal tenders, in the same manner, a handwritten signature would be allowed only that the e-signature is on an electronic platform. The use of electronic signatures has been embraced because it is a quick way of authenticating business, legal and even government documents without the use of a pen and a paper. Discussed herein are the top advantages of using the digital certificate in your organization.

E-signatures are stress-free to use. Remove the hassles involved in printing a document, having it signed and scanning it back to the sender by embracing an easy electronic signing means via the digital certificate. It is quick to append the signature, the documents are uploaded online choose the signatory who will receive them and append their signature and have them returned or send to the part involved.

E-signatures offers a high level of security features than the pen and paper signatures. Traditional signatures may not offer the date, the name of the signatory and where the document was signed, however, with a digital certificate, all these information is traceable for safety purposes making it one of the safest way of authenticating documents. With a digital certificate, there are chances of anyone copying your signature, any form of a security breach to your online signature will send an alert to you as the owner of the signature while a handwritten signature can easily be copied.

Electronic signatures will save you time and money you could have used to physically sign with a pen. The cost you are likely to incur when printing a large volume of documents for a signature to be appended is high, the cost of ink and papers and you will also consume more time to append the signatures. Electronic signatures will not require any printing, you can have the documents signed within a few minutes and it’s done.

Digital certificates offer expediency when looking to have documents validated. Both micro small and large business have foreign investors and suppliers from different geographical reasons that they need to engage on a contractual basis. The use of handwritten signature will take more time before the contracts with parties in different geographical regions are formalized unlike the use of electronic signatures.

Embrace the new technology and have your work-related documents signed electronically to facilitate the quick business decision-making process.

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